Our June Shopping Party starts TOMORROW!

Update: We will also have amazing dresses by the new CherryVelvetPlus! They’re going like hotcakes so don’t miss out on the exclusive and limited styles!


Diane Kennedy Trunk Show & Sample Sale!

We are so excited to announce this special event for all our Vancouver and Lower Mainland customers! We would love for all of you to join us for shopping, refreshments, and lots of girly fun.  With new Spring styles available is sizes S – 3X, and a ton of sample sale goodies, there’s sure to be something perfect for every ‘body’.  Co-hosted by Diane Kennedy and the lovely ladies of Bodacious, you’ll be privy to expert style advice!

See you there,

Behind the Scenes: Diane Kennedy Fall 2011 Photoshoot

It takes quite a bit of coordination to get 5 women together on a business day. This photoshoot was no different. I badly wanted to do an outdoor shoot but the weather promised to be freezing and possibly snowing. We changed the date once already, but the night before the shoot my photographer e-mailed me that she was sick with the Norwalk virus. This at 9 o’clock the night before! Whew! Two phone calls later I was talking to my new man. Mark to the rescue!

At 8:45 the next morning, Bria, my lovely assistant, and I wheeled the rack of clothes about a block down the street to Ironworks Studio, an old foundry converted not long ago to a multipurpose space. Only a block or two away from Gastown, the area boasts lots of historic old buildings, brick walls, huge old timber beams, and relics of the original ironworks foundry. You can still find cobbled streets and cool, old architecture that makes the area popular with tourists. Everyone showed up on time, we set up lights, lined up shoes, trays of jewelry, and did hair and make-up.

The weather was co-operating—blue skies and puffy white clouds! About an hour later we set off towards 5 corners in Gastown. Hmmmmm….what’s that fluffy white stuff falling on my head? Damn! It was snowing, but we continued despite the sudden turn in the weather. Kelly wore the Spy Coat in Raisin and we set her up to ‘rendezvous’ with her fictional cohort under the picturesque streetlamps in the square. Bad things come in threes, so something else had to go wrong, right? Now the camera wouldn’t focus! Bit of a downer, wouldn’t you say? Us girls ducked into the nearest warm restaurant to wait only to find they didn’t serve coffee, or any warm drinks for that matter! We clearly didn’t pick the right place, but the guys were kind and let us just hang out (no one quite felt like eating pulled pork or drinking Bourbon at 11 am). We didn’t have to wait long. Mark came through, and—resourceful guy that he is—managed to borrow a camera.

Next we snuck down Blood Alley to ‘pass off the microfilm’, Scarlett wearing the “Double Agent Dress” and “Covert vest”.  As if it was fate, the snow stopped and the sun came out to brighten the alley with perfect beams of light.

Stealing down a dark staircase and climbing a ladder to evade the bad guys, our girls got the job done just in time.

In the end it turned out to be a great day; just enough moments of perfect weather and a talented team of beautiful girls. Mission complete.

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season filled with love, laughter, and lots of all your favourite goodies! Enjoy this time to relax, recuperate, and reflect. May the new year bring you happiness and all the things you most wish for….

Love from all of us at Diane Kennedy and Fashionmark!

Eastside Culture Crawl Wrap-Up

Last weekend I opened my studio to the Eastside Culture Crawl for the first time! It was a fun weekend with a great turnout of enthusiastic ‘crawlers’. We are lucky to have such diversity here on Railway Street, More