What to wear for a first date after 40?

You would think that as we get older (and supposedly wiser) we would at least have this question somewhat figured out by now. Alas, “what to wear” remains one of our biggest—and most time consuming—hang-ups, especially in the face of dating.

Here are a few of my styling tips on meeting a man for the first time. More


Dating after 40: for best results, keep your mind open—not your checklist:

At 41 I got a divorce.  Hmmmmm… My life is over I thought.  No more fun for me…  Actually, just the opposite! Never one to sit around moping, I got busy compiling my pictures and started writing—a profile on an internet dating site. “You know the men are only looking for one thing,” everyone told me.  Oh come on people. Seriously, no matter where you are that’s what men are looking for!  Get over it! We like it too don’t we? More