September’s magical light….

September is my favourite time of the year and it’s no wonder why. There is something strange and magical about the light of early fall.  The gaudy bright yellows and oranges clashing with magentas and purples suddenly looks right in the garden.  It’s the last vibrant scream of the flowers before they begin their autumn decent.  As the sun shines lower, the sky above appears bluer and light reflects more directly off each leaf and surface. All the subtle patterns of nature, such as the textured relief of a tree trunk, are more readily revealed in the subtle play of light and shadow.

I love to observe a well tended and lush garden in the fall.  There are so many amazing flowers that thrive now. One of the true luxuries of having a garden is to be able to enjoy flowers for as long a season as possible.  Perhaps consider some of these choices next spring when you’re in the garden center.

Hardy Fucshia (Magellanica)

Classic Sedum 'Autumn Joy' with Purple Aster

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) echos the colour of the house here. Black Eyed Susan " Rudbeckia Goldstrum" adds the bright, brassy yellow


 Grasses add so much life to the fall garden.  These cool striped ones are called   Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus‘. The wider leaved grasses are Phormium species, generally not reliably hardy below Zone 9

Sword Fern

Graceful Miscanthus with seedheads (background) and Lobelia Tupa (not reliably hardy below Zone 9)

Gallardia (Blanket Flower) surrounded by annuals (orange Zinnias, pale mauve Verbena and Magenta Cleome)


Stipa tenuissima -(Mexican Feather Grass) with the plumes of non-hardy Purple Fountain grass in the background

Happy Birthday fellow Virgos!


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