And some days the magic just happens…

Just like a perfect first date, sometimes things just work out the way they are meant to.  All the separate parts fall together into a cohesive whole and a little flush of goosebumps washes over you. Last Wednesday was one of those days…..

It was Barb’s idea….”Diane I think we need to do a little informal shoot of the clothes. You know we’ll just put them on the dummy and do it.”  I was a bit skeptical, I’ll admit. Then Genesis said, “Well you know I could put them on”…….

So Bria, my design assistant, with a camera in hand, and the girls set off outside on a perfect sunny day. They wheeled the rack down the street in our neighbourhood just east of Gastown and found all manner of cool backdrops to shoot against. There was the newly restored heritage building with a big brick wall,  a weathered concrete block wall and even a pink garage door.

Then the wind picked up and blew her hair just so and the sun cast it’s spell…….

“I Want It” Tunic in Navy
 ……………….doesn’t she look lovely?

"Covert Vest" in Black over the "Allure Tunic" in Blush and the "Rejuvinate Legging"


The "Mystique Tunic" In Merlot

I was thrilled with the results of this impromptu shoot! Thank-you girls!  Afterwards while we all sat around to look at the photos, it occured to me that this was the smallest model we had ever used for our website. But, one of my greatest pleasures is seeing women of all sizes wearing my clothes;  anyone from a size small to a 3x.  Size acceptance is about inclusion of all shapes and sizes of women….

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