Can-can petals of buxom loveliness!

 Bodacious, buxom, plump and luscious! No this isn’t about your butt! I’m talking about the blooms of the Peony, Queen of the early June garden.  Easy to grow and long lived but requiring support of those heavy blooms. In Vancouver you can almost guarantee rain on the day the buds burst open, so it’s best to insert a wire frame early in the growth process so as not to detract from the glory.
From the moment of emergence in early spring with the bulbs, the stems and leaves enhance the garden with their lovely cherry red hue. Later fat buds enlarge to the moment when they burst forth like skirt of a can-can dancer to enchant us with their outrageous display. Overlapping petal after petal of shades from white stained with lipstick, every shade of pink, coral, cherry and deep red will delight you with loveliness every late May or June with their beauty and sometimes even soft fragrance. 
If you don’t have room to grow these beauties, head over to your local florist for an armful of in season, fleeting loveliness!

Cut flowers of fleeting yet extraordinary beauty ..... @ Dean & Deluca NYC

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