Boudoir Beauty: Cathy Empey Photography

Remember the pin-up style boudoir photoshoot I did with a bunch of girlfriends before Valentine’s day? We had so much fun primping and posing, and got some great shots that made us all feel sexy, glamorous, and beautiful! As more and more women are embracing their natural bodies and sexuality, boudoir photography is rapidly gaining popularity.

Cathy Empey, a friend and local photographer who specializes in Boudoir, is truly passionate about helping women recognize their innate beauty and love the bodies they have today. But she doesn’t just create pretty pictures. Through her work, Cathy empowers women to feel confident, strong, and gorgeous in their own skin…lumps, bumps, and wrinkles included! “Every woman is sexy,” she declared during an interview with Urban Rush. “I find it in everybody, doesn’t matter your size or age.” Cathy’s passion for boudoir and capturing a woman’s natural beauty is deeply rooted in personal experience. Towards the end of her last pregnancy, this mother of six (yes you heard correctly!) decided to commemorate the experience with a maternity photoshoot. The experience was transformational—for her self-perception and her professional direction.

“At the time, I didn’t feel great about myself. I was swollen and uncomfortable and somewhat awkward. But something magical happened after that shoot. When I got the pictures back, I saw a glow; a beauty. The happiness I was feeling on the inside was reflected back at me through the images. I couldn’t believe it was me! In that moment, I knew what I wanted to do – I wanted to help other women feel the way I felt looking at my maternity pictures.”

With her vibrant smile and fun-loving nature, it’s not hard to feel at ease around Cathy. From her subjects she extracts a raw femininity and softness, while also captivating their strength. This ability is undoubtedly the mark of a truly talented and passionate photographer, artist, and woman.

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