Colour Inspiration: Designer Buttercups on Steroids

I love colour, and I think wearing colour is one of the simplest ways to emphasize your natural beauty. When choosing colour ways for my new collections, I often find inspiration in the world of flowers. My favorite garden plants are the hellebores. They aren’t difficult to grow and look beautiful for most of the year—especially in the early spring when they’re in full bloom! The easiest to find varieties have quite large flowers and dark leathery evergreen leaves. I call them designer because they have been bred and hybridized to come in many luscious colours and forms. They are often compared to roses—both single and double varieties—but really, they belong to a huge family of plants that includes the lowly buttercup. Most commonly found in purest white, green, and every shade of pink from pale to deep antique rose, Hellebore collectors look for butter yellow, cherry reds(rare), slaty plums and smoky black. As an avid gardener, I can’t help but be inspired by the juicy, berry stained shades of these wonderful, rewarding plants. In my spring 2011 collection, the colour blackberry was inspired by the beautiful stained glass effect created when the sunlight shone through these luscious petals in my garden.

What’s inspiring you this spring?

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