Plus Size Proportions: Rectangle Shape

Jewellery, chocolates, shoes… So many great things come in rectangle packages! Are you one of them? You most likely have a Rectangle body shape if:

o Your bust and shoulders are approximately the same width as your hips

o Your waist is not very defined, and is less than 8” smaller than your bust and hips

o You may have a broad back and a full neck, and your bust is small to medium in size

o You have proportionally slim legs and arms, and generally a flatter behind

With a straighter torso, your biggest challenge is creating a more defined waistline. The Rectangle figure is a common body type, especially as women age, give birth, or gain weight. Our goal is to enhance your femininity and showcase your gorgeous arms and legs by creating a curvier waist.  Because Rectangle body shapes are already well-balanced, you can have a lot of fun and be more adventurous when playing with volume in your clothing.

Consider yourself blessed with the ability to pull off just about any style of pant. Take advantage of the myriad of bottom silhouettes in fashion right now, from straight & narrow to wide and flowing—bottoms up! As everyone’s body is unique, choose details that work best for you. Have a flatter bottom? Look for styles with pockets, especially ones with flaps. Wide legged pants that have a slight flare at the hem add curves to your hips. Two pairs that accomplish this in high style (and comfort!) are the ‘Serene Pant’ and ‘Rhythm Gaucho’.

When it comes to dressing your upper half, you’ll want to look for details that create curves by emphasizing your bust and narrowing your waist. Faux-wrap tops (surplice tops) with scooped or V necklines give the appearance of a narrower waist, and also enhance your bust while lengthening your neck. The ‘Starburst Tee’ and ‘Switch Tunic’ are no-fuss options to flatter Rectangle shapes in all the right ways.

Also don’t be afraid of tops with frills, draping, paneling, and pleating. While some body shapes should avoid extra volume, these details in the right places are actually flattering for Rectangle shapes, especially through the bust and neckline. Styles like the ‘Divine Cowl’, ‘Tribeca Tunic’, and ‘Infuse Tunic’ use draping and pleating to hide unwanted lumps and bring attention to a great focal point—your face!

Are you a Rectangle in love with your limbs? That’s not surprising! Your body type generally has long, lean arms and legs, worthy of sleeveless tops and dresses. If versatility is what you need, try the ‘Under/Over Cami’. Wear it under and jacket or over a top and extend your wardrobe possibilities. Pair it with the ‘Spice Hoodie’ for a weekend look that lets you show your curves in a casual style.

You also have great legs, so be sure to show them off! The ‘Evolve Dress’, and ‘Eclipse Dress’ cinch just below the bust before flowing away from the body—the empire waistlines not only emphasize the smallest part of your body, they also add length to your legs with the illusion of a higher waist.

Skirts are another great investment for Rectangle shapes. As with pants, you can wear many different styles. Consider taking a cue from the Mad Men mania in a full skirt with a wide, contour waistband. Add a shapely jacket with a great collar detail you’ll be ready to take on the world! The ‘Broadway Coat’ and ‘Tiffany Skirt’ (Coming Soon!) make a perfect pair.

Finish off your new looks with some great shoes and accessories. Look to fellow Rectangles Kim Catrall, Marissa Jaret Winokur (Broadway Musical Hairspray), and Cameron Diaz for star-worthy ways to accentuate your shape; accessorizing elevates your outfit from flattering to head-turning. Most importantly, have fun with your look, and get creative with your curves!

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