Plus Size Proportions: Apple Shape

Are you the Apple of my eye?

If your waist or upper hip measurements are greater than your lower hip measurement (the widest part of your butt), you most likely have an Apple body shape. Apple shapes usually have:

o A top heavy shape

o Thinner legs and a flatter bottom

o Wider, defined shoulders

o A more generous bust and especially a larger waistline and stomach.

Celebrities Queen Latifah and Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) are both confident Apple shapes that know how to dress for their bodies. Once again, it comes down to a balancing act—in this case balancing your upper and middle portion. The proportions of a garment and the way it fits your body are so much more important than following the latest trend or fitting into a certain size. However, when you want to try a trend, it’s a good idea to adapt it to your body type. Liz Ayerle, founder of Fresh Ayer boutique for sizes 12-24 in Philadelphia comments on how to wear skinny jeans and leggings:

“Leggings and slim fit jeans are great when worn with oversized tunics and flats. It is key to balance out the figure-hugging bottom with an oversized top.  As a rule jeggings are better on women with apple shaped, straight or hourglass figures. If you have an apple shape or straight body, take more risk and show off the booty hugging aspect of this style with a shorter top!”

Many Apples inherently possess something that all North American women covet: great gams! With your shape, it’s great to show off your legs in a shorter dress or long tunic over leggings. Beautiful new choices for spring tunics are the ‘Tribeca Tunic’, ‘Gallery Tunic’ and the ‘Madison Tunic’(Coming Soon!). The loose shape of a tunic goes a long way to camouflage your tummy. Try pairing them with the ‘Rejuvenate Legging’ or a skinny jean with a pair of funky heels or boots. Focusing attention on your legs draws the eye downward and visually balances your top half.

For tops and dresses, Apple shapes can minimize their torso in an empire waist. Be sure that there is enough fabric to drape loosely across your tummy. Like the ancient Greeks from which this style was borrowed—and the French Empire for which it was named—this silhouette is classically flattering. In fact, we have Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife Josephine, a trendsetter in her day, to thank for the revival of this style when she popularized it during the French revolution. Try our ‘Switch Top’, ‘Evolve Dress’ and ‘Eclipse Dress’. Each of these styles emphasizes the narrowest part of your upper body (right under your bust). Also, the V-necks slim and elongate your torso.

As any fashionista knows, the jacket or coat you wear can make or break your outfit. Look for styles that hit below the waist and have a single row of buttons. (Double breasted styles will just add unwanted width through the torso.) You can also have fun with a bit more volume through the hips. The ‘Stylist Coat’ and the ‘Twilight Coat’ are both playful and flattering for your shape.

Now that you have the right proportions in your wardrobe, you’ll stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. Voila!—instant star appeal.

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