Colour Confidential

Black is clearly the most popular colour for my designs. It out-sells every other colour by 5 to one. With this in mind, I sometimes wonder why I offer other colours. Black is basic, classic, always in style. Black is slimming, our go-to girlfriend. Black is a neutral we can wear over and over without worrying people will remember what we wore… But is that how we want to (not) be remembered? Colour I say! Let your senses and your skin tone guide you on a flattering tour of colours with names as decadent and luscious as their edible counterparts: raspberry, raisin, blackberry, cappuccino, merlot…    Why not be remembered! Be bold!

Pieces from the Diane Kennedy Fall 2010 collection

A customer recently bought a lipstick red dress. She revealed that she has many red dresses, and whenever she wears one she is constantly approached my men she doesn’t know, wanting to talk to her. Confidence booster? I think yes. (Now that’s what I call colour therapy!) Okay, so not all of you are comfortable becoming a beacon to males everywhere in head-to-toe bright red. While I love vibrant colours—and my personal preferences have usually prevailed when it comes to colour selection for my line—I’ve been paying attention to your feedback. Offer softer colours you say. My newest colour is a soft rose-mauve shade, a perfect, sophisticated blush, which needs an appropriately pretty name…

Colour makes a statement. What’s yours?

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