Perplexing Complexity: New Convertible Fashion

In this age of economic downturn and recession, shoppers are looking to find the best bang for their buck in everything from groceries to beauty products. While Fashion arguably falls into one of the more frivolous categories of consumer spending, designers need to be even more creative to capture not only the interest, but the money of their target customers. ‘More, Faster, Cheaper’ could very well be the motto of the many large, successful retailers (see H&M, Zara, etc…), who reel in droves of buyers with styles fresh off the runway at irresistible prices. And at the other end of the spectrum, certain luxury brands have played into the ‘heritage’ of their companies, emphasizing long-term relationships with both customers and classic style. Shoppers have largely favored one of the two Fashion avenues—extremities—that I summarize as exiting, up-to-the-millisecond glamour, and functional, investment-piece classics.

So what about those millions of smaller brands that fall somewhere in between; how do they compete?

Smaller apparel companies are surviving by creating styles that are versatile, convertible, and multi-purpose, essentially focusing on what their customers really want: getting more mileage from their money. When purse-strings are tight, you need clothes that will work a bit harder for you. With four different ways to wear it, the Diane Kennedy ‘Evolve Dress’does just that, while keeping you looking stylish for any occasion. Also check out the ‘Perplex Tunic’ for dual styling. (both styles available online at Lola & Gigi)

The many ways to wear the Evolve Dress and the Perplex Tunic (images courtesy of Lola & Gigi)

And while most women love to shop, the more wear we can get out of our clothing the better. Better for the environment and our bank accounts, and okay, maybe better for our relationships too… 

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